Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Creation Museum and the Liberal Response

Stop me if you've heard this one:

1) Christian fundamentalists do something silly, taking Genesis literally and tossing in shots at gays, abortionists and the generally crappy state of our modern, secular world.

2) "Enlighted" liberals mock said silly enterprise and use it as another opportunity to assert their moral and intellectual superiority and talk about how America is a redneck country run by intolerant bigots and their life would be so much better if they lived in Paris and drank cappuccino by the Sienne with their fellow enlightened liberals blah blah blah.

3) The only people who read or hear said liberals are fellow liberals who nod in agreement and members of said silly religious group who are able to use it as proof that America is going to hell and they are an embattled minority being persecuted by the gays, abortionists et al.

4) Both sides are able to sleep at night knowing that they are the morally superior ones while the rest of us are made to feel like outcasts because our beliefs do not fit into a tiny ideological box while nothing gets resolved, nothing ever changes.

It seems that all of the major liberal publications have published their snarky reviews of the new Creation Museum, but I will just link to Salon's. It works best for my purposes here because Salon's letters sections is to idiotic liberalism what City Lights was to the Beats. Look, I agree that the Creation Museum is a stupid idea. And I have laughed at Kirk Cameron's Way of the Master. But, as someone who has known may evangelical Christians and found them, on the whole, to be more open-minded than my harcore liberal friends, I know that things do not break down into such easy categories and seeing such intelligent people thinking so narrowly is disheartening. Both sides continue to to crawl further into their ideological holes and grow more idiotic by the day.

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